11 jun. 2018

[4º E.S.O.] Contents for the last test


  • UNIT 2: Royalty /Films and television
  • UNIT 4:Social interacton /City life
  • UNIT 5:Marketing /Shopping
  • UNIT 6:Environment: landfills, bury, renewable, etc./ Recycling: carton, peel, wool, etc.
  • UNIT 7: Parts of the body: heart, ribs, shoulder, etc./ Health problems: cough, sneeze, bite, etc.
  • UNIT 2: Relative clauses.
  • UNIT 4:First and ∅ conditionals /Time clauses / Second and third conditionals
  • UNIT 5: The passive: present simple, past simple and future simple.
  • UNIT 6:Reported speechReporting verbs
  • UNIT 7: Modals: should, must, have to/need to, don't have to/don't need to, mustn't.
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