19 ene. 2015

Looking for Genghis Khan's tomb

 Genghis Khan was a famous character in History. He lived between the XII and XIII centuries and was a Mongolian leader who created and ruled a vast empire in Asia, in fact one of the greatest empires in the history of the world. Before he died in 1227, he ordered that his tomb should be in a secret place, so that nobody could find it. A legend says that the soldiers and servants who buried him killed themselves after the ceremony. This way, nobody could speak about it.

Today, some investigators are trying to find the famous tomb using Google maps, but it's difficult because Asia is enoooormous. You can read this fascinating story in The Washigton Post.

In this map, you can see the extension of the Mongol empire. He started in the distant Mongolia and after his death, the Mongols even arrived to Europe, conquering part of today's Russia.